Sesame Croutons and Seared Tuna Salad

My household can be finicky. If I bring home treats from work to share, half of them will remain untouched on the counter the next morning. Save myself some leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch, and they’re liable to disappear.

That’s what became of the sesame sourdough loaves I made previously. The first loaf was devoured, the second remained in its linen bag to stale. Now sourdough doesn’t go bad as quickly as your standard white sandwich bread, but sometimes you just have more than you’re able to eat.

If you’re a crouton person, this sourdough will work great. For the sesame bread, I like a salad with seared tuna, tomatoes, and greens. Maybe a boiled egg or two. As someone trying to eat healthy in spite of her habit, it’s definitely a filling lunch.

For the Croutons

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees F. Take your bread and cut into cubes. Be careful, because if you’re at this stage with your bread it’s likely very hard. Place in bowl and add just enough olive oil to coat. For the sesame loaves, I like to replace some of this oil with sesame oil and throw in some more sesame seeds. Just be careful that the oils you use are refined – no EVOO or unrefined sesame oils as they have a low smoke point.

Place the oiled bread on a baking sheet in a single layer. Bake for 20 minutes or until completely crispy. If you like your croutons with some chew, you won’t need to bake for as long but your croutons won’t keep as long.

This is an infinitely adaptable recipe. Use any form of bread you like, any oils you like (that won’t smoke up your oven) and add any seasonings that sound tasty.

For the Salad

Completely thaw a piece of tuna and pat dry. Liberally season the top and bottom (I like to use everything bagel seasoning here.) Heat a saucepan on high and add a pat of butter. Sear both sides for about a minute or until the tuna no longer sticks to the pan. Let rest for a few minutes and slice.

Dress your favorite salad greens, add cherry tomatoes and boiled eggs. Add sliced tuna on top.

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