Sourdough Backup System (SBS)

Bigger bows just make things cuter.

Disasters happen.

Maybe a housemate of yours decided the fridge needed cleaning, and all your foodstuffs made it to the garbage. Maybe you tried proofing your starter in the oven and someone else wanted to make cookies. Or maybe you’re moving, or taking an extended trip, and don’t want to worry about your starter dying in the meantime.

While starters are hardy things, sometimes it’s good to have a plan B. What can you do? Just dry it!

I spread out some of Marilyn on a large cookie sheet and left it out to dry. This process took a few days, but once completely dried I was able to flake off the starter and put it in a plastic bag. If anything happened to her now, I can add some of the flakes to a flour/water mix and be back in action in a day.

Some tips:

Don’t grease the cookie sheet. You don’t want the oils to get in your starter. Once it’s dried it will start lifting up on its own, with minimal residue that washes off easily.

Store the bag in a cool, dry place.

Have some patience.

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